It is said the History of the West is written in the tides, it’s history as mutable as the waves the crash upon the shore. Never Certain. Now more than ever is this true.

A change has come to Creation. The Lawgivers of the past are returning in numbers unseen in Ages. Their consorts, the Stewards now venture out of the Wyld and back into the world to oversee their territories and find their reborn Solar mates. But, even now the waters of the West become darker with mysterious forces making their presence known, Deathlords, Fairfolk, Demons and worse all threaten to establish their hold on the undefended corner of the world.

Seven new points of light may be able to defend against the oncoming tide of darkness. Will the Crew of the Second Breath be able to save the West and find out the secrets of their Exaltations? Or will the West fall before they can even begin their journey…

Exalted: Western Destiny

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