Unknown Fair Folk


Tall and Slim… Skinny? Emaciatedly skinny, it appears to be only half a foot in diameter thick. Standing at nearly seven feet tall and motionlessly expressing the flexibility of a reed. It’s face is less defined than most ading a mysterious softness to it’s small yet gorgeous facial features, including it’s sparking black eyes.

The hair that falls down around it’s face (framing it perfectly) is a literal waterfall that fades out of existance near the creatures white and overly large albatross wings.

Wrapped tightly around its small frame is a bright fuscia buttoned down Admirals coat, each button having been replaced with a different luminescent jewel. A black and green belt synches the outfit together. Flowing down it’s back are various flags from ships all from all over the west, which seem to be growing out of it’s shoulder blades over it’s wings.


Unknown Fair Folk

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